Inner Source Retreat

this year's intention: marrying shadow & light...what does that really mean?

As Inner Sourceresses we will explore what it means to love ourselves fully...all parts of us-- the good, the bad and the ugly. We all have the tendency to avoid looking into the depths of our subconscious mind-- the "shadows" as they're often referred to. Whether it is a self-limiting thought pattern, feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt, judgment or shame--we all experience these feelings in a myriad of ways and have the ability to embrace them, show some love and integrate them into our selves. On the other hand, when we feel light and joyful we may associate that with being successful or that we are doing something "right." We may constantly find ourselves in a pursuit of happiness, a grasping for the joy that often comes and goes with the wind. What if we could discover a consistent state of contentment, one that could watch the ebbs and flows with a non-judgmental awareness? What if we could practice accepting all emotions as information, all thoughts and beliefs as lovable, all parts of ourselves as belonging members who have a right to be here? This retreat will be an experiential exploration through the body, the mind and the spirit to create transformation on all levels and to come into a deeply loving, intimate and authentic relationship with your number one. 


This 4-day Retreat Includes:

  • Daily Gentle Yoga & Guided Meditations to align your mind, body and spirit

  • Shamanic Breathwork Journey to release old patterns and activate deep transformation through the innate power of your breath!

  • Sacred Firewalking Ceremony to walk through your fears and into your dreams

  • Psyche Exploration through therapeutic tools, exercises and activities that are tested and true to assist you in cultivating a deeper relationship to ALL parts of you.

  • Artistic Creation to spark our feminine creative energy and express who we are

  • Deliciously nourishing vegetarian meals made daily on-site by our lovely chefs (Gluten-free, vegan, etc. available as well)

  • Three Nights of Lodging (Fri-Sun) at Ronora's charming and rustic "Grandma's House" and exclusive use of "Grace in the Woods," a shala tucked away in the treetops

  • Beautiful & Scenic Nature to enjoy at the peak of Summer's walks, pond, horses to visit, trails, trees & animal medicine

  • Self-Love & Reflection Space-- respected time to enjoy YOU in all your beauty and re-charge over the weekend

  • Connection & Sisterhood Bonding of all ages with other women on their own journey

  • Delightful Surprises that will be revealed!


Our Story...

IMG_1446 (3).jpg




it all began in 2017 with a dream to create a space for women to get real and heal while nourished by nature and sisterhood


As passionate women seeking to live deeply rich and authentic lives, Randi & Jenelle realized their human community is often looking outside of themselves for the answers instead of looking within. Curious & inspired by this, they set out to plan the first "Inner Source Retreat." Their intention was to create a safe space for women to tune inward and empower themselves to heal and begin to live in their most authentic expression. 

The retreat was a success-- connecting a community of women, supporting, witnessing and listening to each other's fears, wishes, dreams and downfalls within a structured environment that encouraged the growth of each individual and the group.

The original "Inner Sourceresses" of 2017 illuminated the innate bad-assery of tuning into our wisdom to empower our lives. This became a catalyst for our self-exploration revolution! We are passionate that this work is redefining what it means to be radiant in our own skin! Our wish is to continue the growth, inspiration and support we co-created in the first and to cultivate another crew of authentic women and lasting connection.

The Facilitators


Jenelle Thurston~              200-RYT, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Firewalking Instructor

Jenelle believes in the innate wisdom and healing power we all carry within. As a truth-seeker and explorer, she has made strides to embody authentic expression and understands that the journey as a student is life-long. With a continuously developing interest in the mind-body connection, Jenelle is most interested with how and why people store information such as beliefs, emotions and memories within their physical bodies. As a practitioner, she connected with the magic of Shamanic Breathwork™ when she realized how it can help release old wounds and strip away layers of limiting beliefs that were stored in the body, creating more space for creativity and joy. Inspired to be initiated as a facilitator of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, Jenelle now compassionately holds space for others to empower their healing and self-acceptance process. Whether through Yoga, Breathwork or Firewalking, Jenelle’s intention is to create a nurturing and compassionate environment while challenging you to step into a deeper sense of empowerment and growth. 

Jenelle received her 200-RYT certification in 2013 from Amy Beth Treciokas of Yoga Now Chicago  through the lineage of Sri Pattabhi Jois. She later completed Shamangelic Breathwork Training with her teacher Anahata Ananda  and Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator training in 2017 through Linda Star Wolf and the Venus Rising Institute. She became a Certified Firewalking Instructor through the Firewalking Center  in 2016.


Randi Cutler~ MSMFT, 200-RYT, Marriage & Family Therapist; Retreat & Workshop Facilitator

Randi is a nurturer at heart. She is passionate about relationships and dedicates her life to enhancing human connections of all kinds, and loves every minute of it. By trade she is a Holistic Family Therapist and Yoga Teacher in Philadelphia, and specializes in working with individuals, couples, families, and children. She believes that building healthy and sustainable relationships with others depends on cultivating that bond within first. Randi has special interests in helping people develop a deeper awareness of their true essence, exploring parts of themselves that influence who they are and how they exist in the world, and in helping them to build a more trusting connection with both their intuition and their capacity to create positive change in their lives. To her, there is no work more sacred or beautiful.


Randi received her Masters Degree from The Family Institute at Northwestern University, and enjoys yoga, connecting deeply with others, creating art installations, crafting, traveling, camping, being in nature, and facilitating groups, workshops, and retreats in the community.