What our Inner Sourceresses from 2017 had to say....


“This retreat offered me the space I needed to get away from the chaos and reconnect with myself. Through this amazing community and empowered facilitators, I reignited my inner fire and self love. I made connections that will last and feel change in myself that will transform my life. Infinite love and gratitude for everyone involved!”

“This retreat has been a beautiful experience. It has brought unity in myself and in this group of beautiful souls. The activities were carefully planned and connected to the whole, allowing everything that needed to be worked through and brought to light. The food was amazing and the house was warm and cozy. I will be coming back again!”

LOVED the washing of feet ceremony and of course the firewalking is impactful and unforgettable. I would love to continue my relationships with Randi and Jenelle, They are rare, beautiful jewels that I am lucky to have crossed paths with. Their hearts and souls were present for everyone during each activity, and I appreciate their immense love and selflessness to create beauty and insight for their environment."  - Margo in the Sky

“During this retreat you are able to connect with yourself and realize everything you need is already within you. You are able to face your fears by walking on fire and travel through different worlds through your breath. Randi and Jenelle beautifully created a weekend that is accepting and loving, while connecting with a community of amazing women. Yoni Power!”

“This retreat experience was so incredible. You have packed in so many wonderful activities in such a short period of time. It shows you put so much thought, effort, and expenses to make it just perfect for all of us. You both were so loving and kind. You made this all about us but you still seemed part of it, which made it feel less formal and one. Thank you for being part of this new wonderful, and even incredible journey of my life. I will cherish each moment you provided. I am eternally grateful! Thank you! With much love. X.”

“When I saw the ad for the retreat, it immediately drew me in. I did not overthink and just went for it. I am so glad i did. Randi and Jenelle are such special beings who created an immediate atmosphere of trust. The whole experience exceeded all of my expectations and the food was delicious!”

“What an incredible experience it was to participate in the Inner Source Retreat. Jenelle and Randi created a sacred space for all of us to learn and grow together.”